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Anderson & Black Insurance

All About Us

Carefully Crafted Insurance Solutions One Person At A Time

Telling someone who you aren't can say more than trying to convince them who you are. Business platitudes are everywhere; "we're professionals with excellent service and great companies." That may be true but would you do business anywhere that wasn't true? Does it really tell you anything?

We've been here in Snohomish since 1949. Gene Black and Kevin Black are the owners. We've both been underwriters for major national companies as well as having 40 years experience as independent independent insurance agents. Who aren't we?

We're not a chain. This isn't McDonalds and insurance isn't a commodity. Price matters, but it's irrelevant if you don't know what you've purchased. Losses have a way of shifting our value perception, often too late.

We're not a giant. We are a modest, family run business. We know our customers and understand their insurance risks. You have an agent, it's a person with a name and you can talk to them. No phone banks, no automated attendant.

We don't make you fit our schedule. Want us to meet with you at your home or business? We do that. Want an on site review of your exposures and coverage? Glad to. Want to be able to reach your agent eves and weekends for an emergency, you can have my cell phone number. Your insurance problems are our problems. We don't turn away difficult to place risks or those beneath a certain premium.

We're not the same. Sometimes for what we do, sometimes for what we don't. We're insurance craftsmen. One person, one policy at a time.